Saturday, June 18, 2005

Liverpool: Harry Kewell the fool, how to give away money

For a person with his and hers bathroom television sets, it seems there is nothing else more frivolous to spend your money on than lawyers and suing a guy, Gary Lineker, who is right.

Lineker, in his Sunday Telegraph column, characterized Kewell as being so foolish he needed his head examined. He's being sued for deafamation.

First it was his wealthy agent Bernie Mandic (and his MaxSports company) who gets 5% of Harry’s contract, which also got 2 million pound directly from Leeds United, and another million from Leeds to Liverpool. So the agent actually negotiated his own transfer fees too.

They even tried to negotiate in a “success fee”. In court, Kewell claimed no knowledge of this. Unreal!

Now, being duped again, its lawyers, eagerly vacuuming up the player’s money. This is good money which could have been spent installing his and hers televisions in the shower.

And don’t say it was the clubs that got duped, Leeds and Liverpool are fools too, that’s true, but a player’s transfer fee is for the player, not for his agent. Um, Harry, it’s the other way around see, they negotiate for you. And you aren't bringing the goods to warrant such fees anyway.

Although the role of agents and football's transfer system is not the focus of the defamation case, I’m rather glad Harry Kewell is indulging in this American style circus. It sheds much needed light on a football mafia.

The FA and all these other associations are said to be ‘split’ or ‘unsure’ how to police agents.

Very rich people don’t police other very rich people very well folks. They are not split, they are dragging their feet.

In the end the jury could not reach a verdict. It’s up to Kewell to sue again should he want to give lawyers more money to defend his gullibility.


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Anonymous Taff said...

I agree that Leeds got wiped out by the sale of Harry Kewell to Liverpool. They thouht they had a £25m player and got £5m.

Harry's agent did extremely well out of the deal, no doubt. Harry got what he wanted too, even if it was a whole lot less than he might have got with an honest agent.

Liverpool (at the time) would have thought they had got a great deal too - a £25m player for £7m. How could they have known they all they were going to get was a tuppeny-hapenny hacker?

6/18/2005 7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't agree that leeds got wiped out by the kewell transfer - i believe they got wiped out by peter risdale spending ridiculous amounts of money which he simply does not have!

Leeds bought every player for twice their worth at the time e.g.robbie fowler (out of favour at liverpool - spent over 10 million for him), rio ferdinand (cost 19 million from west ham - was he really worth that at that time? i'd say no!)!

On kewell's showings of his first 2 seasons liverpool look like they've done leeds a favour anyway

6/18/2005 1:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If kewell starts playing well and gets back to leeds form and stays injury free the money liverpool paid for him will be worth it seeing as he was back then worth a lot more and it wasn't that much money for a young euro player of the year footballer. If not and he continues on like he is (although he has improved of late) then the only bloke who got any good out of it was his agent! at least if Harry stayed at leeds and they stayed in the league the fans would have stuck by him with his poor form and injuries because he had given them nearly a decade of good football, where as he hasn't given the scousers anything. I like Harry and think he is one of the most naturally gifted footballers going around and hope he can get it all together.

12/10/2005 6:06 AM  

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