Monday, June 13, 2005

There is nothing new in football

Comments about another article mentioned a string of criticisms that I was discussing “old” tactics.

I though the idea was silly. There is nothing tactically new in football. Every system possible has been tried and re-tried, tinkered with and honed. Maybe a bit more honing is taking place today, but no more.

Let’s face it: when you watch a game, you are seeing the same formations you saw 10, 15, 30 and more years ago. 4-4-2 is ancient. Brazil has been attacking the same way for 50 years. The classic German defense with the use of a libero, its old as bones.

So when I read about ‘old’ tactics, I thought, hold on: Greece won the European Cup in 2004 using the same system Germany won in 1974 with.

Did Greece use old tactics? Or did Greece use the tactics that suited their squad? That win was no fluke; the Greek team played some disciplined football.

There is nothing new in football; there are no ‘old’ tactics. Creative coaches use whatever tactics suit the team and solve matchup problems.
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