Monday, January 24, 2005


These are notes taken from the uk.sport.football.clubs.newcastle-united newsgroup:

Any good then? Worth 8M? How does he compare to Woodgate.
--I'm lovin' it
he looked better today, seemed to hold his own against henry and bramble seems to look/play a bit better alongside him. Still to early to form an opinion really though, as he's only played a couple of games and now looks like he's injured and could miss a fewmore. Doubt he'll be as good as Woodgate was when he played, but you can always hope.
comparing the two isn't fair..... but one thing they do have in common atthe moment..... they are both injured"

I'm not sure, but there is huge potential; he does have the prototype central defender body that seems to be emerging these days in the like of Sol Campbell followed by Ferdinand and King. He's also entering a club not at full throttle.

Work in progress, with a lot of upside. They did the right thing to take a stab at replacing the hole Woodgate left. Too many clubs spend only on front men.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hes as good as woodgate definitly

1/24/2005 9:04 PM  

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