Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lehmann needs to go

With clangers in the opening games of this season, Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann needs to keep his mouth shut.

You could call him outspoken, but for me he’s just egocentric. Well known for giving his opinions, demanding his starting place is a bit too much. He should realize he needs Arsenal more than they need him. If I were Arsene Wenger, I would sell him in January. Arsenal have a top class side and look like they can win a major honor this season. They don’t need a distraction.

Why Lehmann complains about feeling ‘humiliated’ is beyond me. Why doesn’t he switch places with a migrant worker who gets his passport taken and a fraction of promised wages before being dumped back on the border of his own country at gunpoint when they are done with him? Then let’s see if his position of wealth and fame is so humiliating. I gotta tell you, the attitude of professional footballers makes me want to turn of the TV sometimes. There is a lot more to be humiliated about in this world than sitting on a bench and collect a massive salary every month. I wouldn’t mind some of that humiliation.

Lehmann also has to get his language right. Humiliation implies someone intentionally tries to make a fool out of you. As far as I recall, Jens wasn’t made to wear a clown nose and ballerina costume in training, so what is he humiliated about? Overlooked, maybe, slighted, possibly, but humiliated? No.

Find him a different club Arsene. Almunia wont ever be a problem and might actually value how fortunate he is to be getting wealthy while playing a game for a living.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well said

10/25/2007 8:48 PM  

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