Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How a win can see both winning and losing managers leave

Rumor is, should Blackburn worsen the horrors of Tottenham’s season it will be the last game manager Martin Jol is in charge. In the frame to replace him would be the very manager who beat him: Mark Hughes. So of Blackburn beat Tottenham they lose their manager as well as Jol getting fired? How strange football can be.

Blackburn have quietly been having an excellent season. Nothing noteworthy or exceptional, but solid results that has seen the club in a solid 6th place with a game in hand. Tottenham, on the other hand, have only a single win to show for their millions spent on players. It couldn’t be a more striking contrast.

Really, it’s time for Martin Jol to go. The squad is not performing. If they really wanted him, they’d more their asses and get some results and for me, Jol has been tactically outmaneuvered too many times.

Apparently, Jol will be forced out of Tottenham if they don’t beat Blackburn on Sunday.
How a team with such an expensive set of salaries can be in the relegation zone is beyond me. And I have heard the comment over and over that this also happened last year and they clawed back but It begs the question: if it happened last season, way wasn’t anything done to prevent a repeat??

Things worsened this week as Dimitar Berbatov needed to be told 3 times to warm up for a substitution against Newcastle and then proceeded to lolly-gag around the pitch until the whistle blew.

If the rumor is true, Mark Hughes would be a excellent replacement. He knows how to organize a squad and won’t be tactically undone like Jol is being. And having spent 40m pounds on players, Hughes could probably get a lot more out of this lot than now.

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Anonymous MikeD said...

Nothing noteworthy? Well we're the only team to take a point from Arsenal this year and it should have been three. Note that down! And why would Hughes want to leave a side chasing the champions league to manage a team in the relegation zone? He's spent 3 years building a team up from relegation candidates - why would he want to start again? I hope for our sake that I'm right, and he only leaves when Manchester come calling if he leaves at all

10/24/2007 3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why would he go??? $$$$$$$$$ baby.

10/24/2007 4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sources tell me that Hunges was offered the job yesterday and Blackburn are still holding off on giving an answer.
Spurs are in a much better financial position than Blackburn and Hughes could be set to make a packet out of any move down south.
Apparently Bentley would follow as well. He's from Cheshunt originally and I for one wpould love to see him return to his own manor. Would be a great option plahying behind the front two and provoding a bit of creativity...

Jol's a really nice guy and I can't help but like him but he doesn't have the tactical brain needed to challenge for the top 4, let alone make an impact in the Champions League.

Jol's time is up and I just hope that Hughes sees our potential and decides to take the board's behaviour with a pinch of salt.


10/24/2007 4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hughes will not leave Rovers. It is the worst kept secret in football that he (and not Keane as some pHe has no papers make out) is Ferguson's choice to replace him at Manure. As already stated he has spent the last 3 years turning Rovers from a struggling, relegation threatened team to one that is genuinely trying for CL and certainly UEFA. Spurs have more money than Rovers and more prestige (even the most diehard Rovers fan can't deny that) but, unlike Spurs, Rovers are united, financially secure and backed by a board that truly have the best interests of the club at heart. I hate the petty squabling that goes on between Spurs and Rovers fans on these forums....its like 'my dad's bigger than your dad' scenario. Here are the facts...Spurs ARE bigger than Rovers BUT and this is a big but...there is no denying that it the last 15 years Rovers have been more successful than Spurs. I know they have been relegated in that time but they have had far more top 6 finishes (including the Championship in 1995) and also beat Spurs in the League Cup final. I think these are the FACTS, supported by evidence and not just 'rose tinted' glasses talk. If I hear one more fellow Rovers fan harp on about how much better we are than Spurs and another Spurs fan go on about our attendance figures and 'Northern' poverty I think I will slash my wrists.

10/24/2007 4:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know who Coys insider is but he's telling porkies. Hughes is flattered but absolutely not interested - he thinks he has only done half a job at Blackburn and wants to see how far he can go. He will only move if Man U come-a-calling and the Blackburn board have told him that should that happen they would not stand in his way.
Klinsman is your next manager anyway

10/24/2007 6:59 PM  

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