Thursday, July 19, 2007

More reasons that pre-season friendlies are stupid

John Terry’s season got off on the wrong foot. He broke a toe in a pointless friendly win for Chelsea over the South Korean side Suwon Bluewings yesterday while the club are on tour in the United States. Samsung on the front of the shirt, and all.

Terry played until half-time in a pre-planned substitution, the injury was then diagnosed. I read a ridiculous suggestion the he could be given pain killing injections to play in another pointless friendly against the Los Angeles Galaxy during the weekend. You can’t be serious? Injections to play in a friendly? How stupid can you be.

Jose Mourinho, to his credit, used 22 players during the game in order to give them all a 45 minutes stretch and minimize their exposure before something meaningful begins. It didn’t work out as one of the clubs most important players could now miss the beginning of the new season.

Terry had a bad run of injuries last season including a back injury that required surgery. It was one of the major reasons Chelsea didn’t close on United and win the title last season. To see it happening again should give Mourinho pause and maybe forget this worthless exercise and give the kids a chance to impress him.

I have no issue with this touring garbage to earn money unless the 1st team is used. This should be an opportunity for the kids to play and it has become a joke where sponsors demand contracts that state a certain number of regulars must play.

Then you get what you have here.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How else would you expect the team to get match practice??

7/19/2007 4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mourinho is settling a new paradigm of coaching a football team - you will not witness it in any other top club...! He is building from the scratch a very highly competitive atmosphere based on meritocracy where every one (almost every one...) will have a chance to shine - all guys will pay their guts to be successful in the team, and Mourinho is therefor more than ready to fight to all cups. In the end of the day they will find out there is room for everyone - because of injuries, fatiue... even Makelele will play a big role!!. Bridge, Cole, Ballack are just examples of how they will be missed and how they will be replaced - and this is just pre season: who is coming next? The collective need for success will prevail at top of the minds for all these guys - no stars, no big names, nothing. Just team spirit, big big work, internal healthy competition and great focus on achieving sucess. What a Great Strategist!

7/19/2007 8:25 PM  

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