Monday, July 16, 2007

A tackle so hard, the defenders boot came off

One of the worst tackles in football history must be the all out manhunt performed on former Argentine international and former Dundee United and Rangers winger Claudio Caniggia. The mauling was performed by Cameroonian central defender Benjamin Massing during their encounter at the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

Cameroon had a lead to protect in the 89th minute, up 1-0 in their opener, the Cameroonian’s were poised to make history until a late run by Caniggia sent a scare thru the Cameroonian defense. Massing had already been booked in the game which took place at the San Siro, but when Caniggia broke through 2 attempts at amputation already, the first an attempted knock down, the second a chop, Massing panicked and charged in with full body-check that sent Caniggia hurtling through the air.

The red card was instant, and Massing could do no more than scoop up the boot that he lost during the horrible tackle:



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha, he tried to put his boot on as if he had a hope of staying on

7/16/2007 8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pathetic that the he didnt even go for the ball, as cannigia was completely offbalance by then. I guess the player was a bigger target...

7/18/2007 12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The #7 argentinian should have seen red as well. Stepping on the foot was deliberate and pretty cowardly when you think about it.

8/09/2007 10:47 PM  

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