Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fireworks start up at Chelsea again

After fresh off calls for unity at Chelsea from Peter Kenyon, Jose Mourinho has pointedly called for a return to infighting at the club, and I don’t blame him one bit.

The Chelsea manager has warned the new director of football Avram Grant that they have separate roles at the club and not to interfere with his work.

Mourinho was very succinct:

"He's here to give some support to different areas in the club and for me that is not a problem. From my point of view, he must not interfere with the power I have in relation to my job. I think the club was very clear in the statement they put out."

This is clearly a veiled warning to Grant and he is right. If any club in England is actively trying to break the traditional managerial role it’s Chelsea. If I were Mourinho, I certainly wouldn’t tolerate any interference. He’s the top manager in the world, why would he? He could go anywhere. He’s the kind of manager that is extremely self motivated and doesn’t need pressure or “extra” motivation to get on with his job. He also came to England because of the traditional powers of the manager.

In my opinion, Chelsea’s management keeps making mistake after mistake when it comes to relations with their manager and even players. Lampard and Terry contracts anyone?

Roman Abramovich has been the one to directly appoint Avram Grant. He seems to like to bring his friends into the club, not the best people for the job. And if you look at some of the recent appointments and purchases, you’d have to agree. Andiry, anyone?

Originally Mourinho stood up and said no to the appointment but as Grant’s role has shifted, so has Mourinho’s attitude. Officially, Grant will “liaise on and co-ordinate footballing matters across Chelsea's interests” which sounds like a job doing a lot of nothing. The ex-Israel international coach, age 51, will also hold a place on the club's board.

The new “liaison and coordinator of footballing matters across Chelsea's interests” flew out with Mourinho and the squad to America to be part of pre-season preparations. Funny, as that is what coaches do. not "liasons".



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

couldnt agree more

our club is turning into a mafia where friends are placed ahead of performace

Grant may do well, but our ownership should think about what the history of our league means and how f*d we'd be without our manager

I see Jose leaving eventually becasue he's getting antagonized too much

7/12/2007 1:27 PM  

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