Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chelsea owner rolls the dice

Of all the different things happening in the football world none has got me as interested as what will happen over at Chelsea with coach Jose Mourinho.

First, let me apologize for the multi-month disappearance. I have moved to yet another continent and have had almost no access to football other than in print. Now that things have settled down and I can actually watch matches again, I can write. I won’t write as often as in the past (go on, make your jokes in the comments), but I will try.

Of all the coaches in the world today none is more compelling. When Chelsea play, I actually listen to the post match interview and I learn from what Mourinho says. Other coaches are the definition of boredom. “We were (fill in the blank) today. The referee should have given us a penalty. As a team we (wasted/took) our chances. I had a chat with the lads and we are (add feeling here). We play again in (some amount of time) and have a chance to (continue/bounce back) from this form.” ZzzZzzz.

Mourinho has a feel for the game which is unique among a very few. Under his watch Chelsea have achieved more than they ever have in their history. With Mourinho as coach they will achieve more. But as we all know a problem has developed at Stamford Bridge as the team’s owner has gone against his coaches wishes and started a high stakes game of poker. Beyond its silliness, why Roman Abramovich has created this problem just makes no sense to. A case of ego-mania? Jealousy? Self destruction? No clue. Senseless, yes.

When I was last at Stamford Bridge the crowd sang a heartfelt 2 word ode to their coach “Jose Mourinho, Jose Mourinho, Jose Mourinho, Jose Mourinho“. This was Romeo at Juliet’s window.

As a billionaire owner of a football club, in my opinion, and likely why I am not a billionaire, you spend whatever it takes. It’s like a sports car. You don’t buy one for practical reasons anymore than you buy a club for profit (unless you name is Glazer). Any when you have a coach of Mourinho’s pedigree you spend the money and give him whatever he needs to make the Chelsea faithful happy because you can.

Should Jose Mourinho leave Chelsea it would be a sad day. I sound like a Blue here, but I am not. I just like seeing a different club take the mantle, it’s good for football. I liked it when Arsenal broke Man U’s title streak, when Valencia won La Liga a few years back, when Deportivo won it in 2000, and when FC Porto beat the odds and took the Champions League in 2004. Seeing Mourinho go to Real Madrid or similar would reinforce the notion similar to the one that the rich just get richer. Chelsea and Roman need Mourinho a lot more than Mourinho needs Chelsea. Keep your coach happy: he wants to stay and I believe him.

Chelsea face Valencia in the 2nd leg of their Champions League clash. Have no fear, Chelsea will win. I guarantee it but whether the love affair will last, I truly have no idea. The best indication is whether John Terry and Frank Lampard sign deals; even then there could be hidden clauses. The only way it will be a guarantee is if Roman and his suited minions (that shook his hand and slapped his back at the weekend when Carvalho scored a winner) realize what a large revolt will take place if they don’t.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

for myself, I'd be crushed

4/10/2007 11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Commentator, Do you finally have your TV over there? grz RaSp

4/11/2007 12:29 PM  

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