Sunday, October 02, 2005

Is this what he left for?

I tuned into watch the Northern Italian derby between Juventus and Inter Milan tonight to see how former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira was getting on in Italy. New look Inter also piqued my interest and I was thinking that this might be a match worth watching.

The match is still on. After 37 minutes, I just couldn’t take it anymore and turned it off. I’d be more content cleaning my neighbor’s garbage bin with my underwear and then putting them back on and wearing them to work tomorrow.

It was the most horrible foul fest you could imagine. The referee showed 3 yellow cards in the 37 minutes I watched but should have shown 12 or 13. In the Premiership he would have. I don’t recall seeing a single sequence of more than 4 or 5 passes. I’m not kidding, it was rugby. The ref was awful, allowing this crap to play out. I hate to say it, but it fulfills all the stereotypes of Italian football.

Vieira, for all his grace as a footballer looked right at home. He got one of the yellows from the kind of tactical foul that boils my blood. He looked awful. I can’t believe he left Arsenal to be a part of this, to hell with winning the Champions League. I’ll bet Luis Figo is having second thoughts as well.

You’d think that 2 goals in 30 minutes might just mean an interesting football match but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Both goals came from free kicks. Nobody could get a decent chance on goal: unpunished fouling took that away from the start.

Man o man. With all the millions splashed out from the array of stars on the pitch you’d think a) some respect would exist and b) some skills would be displayed. None were true. It’s another shining example of the kind of complicit refereeing and trash football that is ruining the game.


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Blogger Cigamybab said...

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10/02/2005 9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you suprised?

Italian football is shit. Its not football, kind of like when cultures seperate and eventually speak different languages.

Aresenal plays the most attractive football around. If that is what you want, stick with us boyz

10/02/2005 9:14 PM  
Blogger Cathal Breathnach said...

The people that say the Premiership is boring should maybe go and see the Seire A because it is like watching paint dry it's that boring.

Oh yeah and why do people say the Premirship is boring because just look at this weekends matches their were four matches with five goals in them.

10/02/2005 9:23 PM  
Anonymous Crackhacker said...

Those who care about the product quality of Premiership should use the Serie A as their reference point. A pivotal match between two of Europe's biggest sides is seen by a paltry crowd of under 34,000 - 34k below capacity. Why? Because the product stinks worse than bad Parmalat UHT.

The Premiership is heading in the same direction unless something is done to stop the slide. Rather than wait for that moron Blatter to step in with another rule change, the coaches should take the responsibility and get back to playing free flowing football.

10/06/2005 2:15 PM  

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