Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Real Madrid vs Lyon - LIVE commentary

Tonight's Champions League: the live blogging experiment continued, updating every few minutes. I'll be updating the scores for Chelsea, Liverpool, AC Milan and FC Porto.

92 mins (full time): Coupet saves in injury time, otherwise, nothing else. Real Madrid have been solidly beaten by a better, more organized, more motivated Olympique Lyon. Lyon certainly deserves the three points, Houllier credit for good tactics and substitutions, and Juninho, clearly man of the match. Lyon win 3-0.

89 mins: 2 added time. Madrid make a few last ditch attempts to salvage a goal but it’s Fred who goes just wide of the back post from a nice ball threaded thru. Madrid try again but are stuck switching play. Real lose the ball and Beckham gets a yellow card for obstruction.

86 mins: Tiago is substituted for Beniot Pedretti.

85 mins: Lyon are again starting to attack more. Robinho, average all night again loses the ball as Lyon seem to have weathered the best Madrid had to offer during the last 20 min spell.

81 mins: Tiago shoots well over the bar. Sylvain Wiltord gives way to Sydney Govou. Houllier’s tactics have been spot on. As soon as Fred came on the team responded with more possession.

78 mins: Madrid cross, Chris was brave to head away. Coupet covers the ball. Lyon give possession away again and Madrid continue to pass well but with no effect.

75 mins: Carlos shoots again out wide. Fred wants to get involved right away but loses possession. Lyon get a corner, and another, and yet another. Real finally clear.

71 mins: Carew gives way to Fred. The Brazilian gets his Champions League debut.

69 mins: Madrid continues to dominate play. Robinho wastes a decent opportunity. More and more balls out wide but no crosses, where is Figo when you need him?

66 mins: Malouda almost scores by himself from midfield. Coupet again does well, bravely leaving the box to clean up a dangerous cross. The pace of the game has turned down a few notches.

63 mins: Guti is coming on to the pitch. Gravesen coming off? Why? He’s done ok. And Juninho shoots again from distance. Casillas saves, then throws the ball away.

60 mins: Lyon has a quick midfield. All Madrid can muster is switch of play, switch of play, long ball into the box. The area in front of the box has been off limits to Real. Raul takes a nice ball from Baptista and shoots, saved well from Coupet.

58 mins: Madrid are moving the football at will. A bad pass is all the seems to stop them. If I were Lyon I would substitute early, get someone new on the field hungrier to attack.

56 mins: Roberto Carlos shoots again, this time wide, deflection, corner and Madrid continue to build rhythm. Offside ends a long spell of possession.

53 mins: Real are again putting pressure on Lyon. I think they have to attack more, soaking up the pressure doesn’t suit their style.

51 mins: Roberto Carlos forces Coupet to save from a rocket shot from distance. Madrid have all the work to do and Lyon is sitting back. Lyon give up a bad foul and a yellow for Diarra. Right outside the box, Beckham’s best chance, and its blocked.

46 mins: Second half starts with a few midfield exchanges. Real Madrid draw first with a good shot from Baptista.

45 mins (half): 0 mins added time. Madrid have totally been out played. Lyon are attacking with flair and purpose and Real Madrid have a lot of questions to answer. Be back in about 15 mins.

42 mins: Juninho's penalty shot is saved.

41 mins: Juninho fails to score. Madrid are trapped in their own half. And a PENALTY for Lyon, and certainly was. Guess who was foulded? Juninho.

40 mins: Carew has seen the ball over 20 times already in the match. He’s being fed brilliantly. Lyon are in complete control and worth of their huge lead. Lyon again do just enough in the box. Oh, and Pablo Garcia makes another bad foul and it’s another yellow. Could it be 4?

36 mins: Madrid has been terrible from set plays. Raul a nobody, and Lyon has done just enough to protect their own box. A Madrid corner stays alive until a deflection forces Coupet to save well.

32 mins: Can you believe this? Another goal? Wiltord! Lyon are up 3-0. It’s becoming a blowout. Lyon are doing whatever they want and almost shooting at will. Lyon 3-0.

Note: Liverpool up 2-0, Chelsea 1-0, Olymp. and both Milans are up 1-0.

29 mins: And Lyon continue to pressure Madrid, suddenly now at will. Madrid are totally rattled, smartly they have started to pass the ball around the back a bit but another cross into the box goes nowhere. And again Lyon run by Madrid at will. Robinho tries to counter but runs out of talent in open field. Again Lyon breaks into a counter but it breaks down.

25 mins: Juninho scores a GOAL. The fouling, the fouling, the fouling, Madrid has paid dearly for their bad fouls, From 30 yards Juninho BLASTS the ball into the goal. What a goal, what a poetic answer to all the fouling. Lyon 2-0.

23 mins: The fouling is terrible. Juninho, although, looks great.

22 mins: Berthod gets yellow card for bad foul on Beckham, but you can tell already, Madrid are shaken, but in response its Baptista off the post and Raul's deflection is saved by Coupet. Great moment.

21 mins: Juninho sees the his first chance at a free kick blocked but referee says hand ball, Michel Salgado, yellow card. And, what’s this, Juninho gets a new free kick and shoots, Carew deflects the ball, and it’s in, it’s a GOAL, Lyon, 1-0.

18 mins: Bad clearance gives Madrid an opening. Robinho moves the ball right, with no reward. Roberto Carlos has a good shot saved.

16 mins: Neither team can establish a rhythm. The midfield looks drowned in tactics. Robinho tries some trickery but Reveillere defends well. Another obstruction foul. Tiago’s nice wide pass goes unrewarded. Lyon isn’t using its back 4 on offense. They are impatient. While Madrid is more able to maintain possession, they are dilly-dallying.

11 mins: Baptista is well defended off the ball. Lyon have picked up the pace and started to create a few openings. And another foul. Quick restart, Madrid is passing well until Beckham loses the ball. And another foul. Time to show a yellow and stop the bad play.

8 mins: Yet another foul. Bechham yields to Roberto Carlos and he also goes very close.

7 mins: 3 Brazilians on the field for each team but none as yet had made any impact. A rather foul laden opening phase. Lyon has started to establish a few passes but, well, again they lose possession.

3 mins: Beckham throw in starts a nice set of Madrid passes. Very dubious foul on Robinho in a dangerous area. Bad call 100%.

4 mins: Looks like Beckham will take the kick, Lyon look nervous. This is taking a very long time. OOoooo, centimeters away!

1 min: underway. Unfortunately new man Fred wont start, maybe we'll see him later. Play is cautious to start. Just when I say that Carew breaks thru and forces a corner. Foul on Robinho.

Real Madrid have a tough challenge, Lyon are in excellent form. With Brazilian top scorer Fred (who scored 2 goals in his French league debut) in action for his new club. I'm expecting a great match. Let's see. Will start shortly....

Real Madrid






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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, was going to recommend word verification to you. Good luck. My prediction: Lyon-Chelsea in Paris.

9/15/2005 5:38 AM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...

Because of the new trend of 'comment spam' I've had to turn on word verification.

This post's garbage that I had to delete did it. Nothing like the work of parasites to screw up weblogs.

9/15/2005 7:21 AM  
Anonymous eduardo pacheco said...

hi man, a brazilian speaking here..

just my opinion, but i really think that your live commentaries are worthless. Real x Lyon was streamed live on a LOCAL tv channel here in Brazil (and few more cable channels), and so should have been all around the world too. I mean, nobody with a tv showing the game would keep pressing F5 on your blog to see your commentaries.

I visit your blog very often, and I like it, but its all about your comments about the european football at all; cos all we got here from the media are news about the lot of brazilians playing there, and just that.


9/16/2005 4:04 AM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...

Thanks for the note. I'm not sure about the live blogging, thats why I called it an experiment. I wanted to give it a few matches and see if there was interest, so far its done ok, but does tend to alientate other readers. Cheers and thanks for reading.

9/19/2005 9:07 AM  
Anonymous Martin said...

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1/05/2006 11:32 PM  
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