Saturday, August 27, 2005

Chelsea - Tottenham LIVE

The live blogging experiment continued, updating every few minutes

Full time: It failed to live up to its potential but Chelsea efficiently saw off the challenge. An away win and Chelsea has won 6 of their last 7 visits to White Hart Lane.

Chelsea win 2-0, have 12 points in hand, and have yet to concede a goal this season.

Chelsea were the better team. Tottenham failed to play disciplined football and it cost them.

92 mins: Chelsea are closing the match down and Spurs are left feeling, what if?

90 mins: 2 added time. Looks like it will be Chelsea with 9 points. Unfortunately, Mido made it easy for them. Criticized often for being a self-centered player, he showed it here again.

89 mins: Duff gives way to Huth for the final few moments.

88 mins: Wright-Phillips, Lampard, Crespo sees a shot blocked by a defender. Del Horno plays a great ball into the box, to Crespo, to Essien, oh, just wide.

86 mins: Lennon and Davids connect well but the long ball to the box is not enough. Carrick tries a long ball but Peter Cech picks up the easy fly ball. Robert Huth is preparing to make his first appearance of the season.

83 mins: Crespo almost scores at the back post. Wright-Phillips again shreds Kelly but runs out of pitch. Aaron Lennon has been impressive in his Tottenham debut.

80 mins: With nothing to lose, why not throw Robbie Keane in there? Essien chests well but Wright-Phillips can't control, he is starting to run past players at will though.

77 mins: Lennon again playing well, down the touch line, sends the ball in the box, but it’s a getting harder as the legs tire. A ball into the box sees the immaculate Peter Cech clean up. It’s Essien on the wing now but Tottenham, nothing to lose are countering, ah, it ends again in nothing. White Hart Lane has quieted.

75 mins: No immediate response from Spurs until Carrick crosses and Dawson just can’t get over the ball and direct it goal-mouth. Davids sees a yellow for a chop tackle.

72 mins: Great long ball to Duff as Chelsea are fighting back. The game has improved as Chelsea are not totally convincing at 1-0 ahead. Tottenham can’t find that last ball though. Davids is again dictating play for Spurs, but, oh, look as I say that, Wright-Phillips breaks thru and it’s a goal from Damien Duff for Chelsea, it's 2-0.

70 mins: Crespo shoots and almost scores strait away and Wright-Phillips gets a shot on goal. What a cross by Ferreira! Davids gives the ball away with a switch of play and Chelsea almost make something of it.

68 mins: Crespo comes on for Drogba.

67 mins: The pace of the game has quickened but Wright-Phillips has yet to touch the ball. Referee says play on for Chelsea. Forgot to mention, there was a substitution at the half, it was Lennon, who does well and has started to spark Tottenham.

63 mins: Oh, a Tottenham break reaches the box, Jermain Defoe does well but 3 Chelsea defenders smother the ball. Joe Cole sees yellow soon after. Shaun Wright-Phillips is about to come on. Spurs are fighting a bit more, there is some more conviction in Tottenham’s play as they realize Chelsea are not attacking them a lot. Defoe des well again, Reid controls well but not enough, then Reid sees yellow for complaining as the play broke up.

61 mins: Lampard loses possession in midfield but Tottenham can’t capitalize. Ferreira does well and the outstretched Drogba can’t get to the ball. On the touch like it could have easily ended the match.

58 mins: Even with 10 men Tottenham are holding their lines. I guess you can’t give up too much and go down 2-0. A Chelsea mistake could see the draw back on. Duff shots from distance and the match is lacking clear cut chances. Let’s see some substitutes.

56 mins: Terry walks off the pitch and will soon be back on. Close call, it could have been worse.
55 mins: It looks serious, Terry does not often go down but he certainly had his leg caught under an opponent’s back as he fell.

54 mins: Davids has been Tottenham’s best player but pressure is mounting. Chelsea are stringing passes as Tottenham are losing possession on their counter attacks. Lampard free kick as the match is turning testier. John Terry is down in the pitch.

51 mins: Terry heads away and it drops for Lennon but goes sailing over the bar. Del Horno has been looking better and better, week to week.

48 mins: Pedestrian start to the second period. Chelsea would love to let it play out like this. Robinson cleans up a Chelsea attempt into the box.

45 mins: Cannot see any obvious changes to either team.

Halftime: Defoe has 1/3 of a chance and a Carrick free kick forces a save but Chelsea sees out the half and Terry-Gallas have yet to give up a goal while playing under Mourinho. Tottenham sorely miss their 11th man. I’m sure they saw this game as a measure of how much they have improved as a club but it’s difficult to measure now.

Back in a bit...

45 mins: 2 minutes added on. Tottenham can’t push too much or the game will start to become too open but they need to attack more than this. Mourinho is looking moody today.

42 mins: A goal down and Tottenham cannot move the ball thru the midfield. On the stroke of halftime Chelsea look to have established control of the match. A Tottenham counter attach is again broken down.

40 mins: A Duff cross creates a corner. And Del Horno scores a goal, Robinson seemed distracted in goal and nobody defended the back post, shocking Tottenham mistake. Where was the defense, what a lollipop goal to give up down to 10 men! Chelsea 1-0

38 mins: It’s been so tight that John Terry has seen the ball more than anyone on the pitch. Just when I say that, a Tottenham counter runs out when Davids has run out of talent. Must admit, Davids and Carrick play well together.

35 mins: The match was entirely too cautious before the red card and even more so now. Davids and Essien tangle for the second time and fouls Davids, on a yellow, Essien needs to watch it. Duff is offside.

32 mins: Approaching half time Tottenham have immediately moved into damage control mode. Defoe does well to join the match but amounts to nothing. Down a man, Tottenham have maintained their back line. Essien, for all that money, has shown very little.

28 mins: Chelsea corner sees Terry go wide, open header from 8 meters.

26 mins: Lampard sets up Drogba for a blocked shot but neither penalty box has been kind so far. Red card for Mido and WELL DESERVED for a horrible elbow, strait arm into Del Horno's face! Mido won't leave the pitch, come on, it's your fault -go! Finally. It's a much taller order for Tottenham now.

23 mins: Gardner blocks off Drogba and it’s another yellow card.

22 mins: Free kick and it was easily blocked. Back in to the box, Davids is there, amounts to nothing.

21 mins: Playing at home, Tottenham should be dictating more of the play but it’s a midfield struggle. Oh, and Davids is taken down right outside the box and it’s a yellow card for Essien, could have easily been a read for being clear thru on goal.

18 mins: Robinson steps in to prevent the corner. Chelsea are being very economical so far, quite happy to wait for their chance. Del Horno quickens play though a whistle stops the build up. Drogba takes it, and it goes well wide.

16 mins: Already this game needs a goal. Drogba and the referee argue but he gets no ear from the referee. Mido has made no impact and Jermain Defoe has been invisible.

13 mins: Davids goes in hard on Essien. Davids is showing that tenacity that’s made him famous. Lampard gets a Chelsea free kick but not vintage, to say the least.

10 mins: An appeal for a penalty from Chelsea but its not given. Drogba is slowly creeping into the match.

7 mins: The game has settled down and both sides are working hard defensively. ArsenalChelsea was similar to its start. Chelsea are as pressured as they were against Arsenal and Tottenham looks capable early on.

4 mins: A free header by Dawson seess Chelsea almost down 1-0. Drogba offside.

3 mins: Early mistake sees Chelsea scurrying but a shot is scuffed wide by Mido.

1 min: Del Horno suffers head injury and looks to be ok.

About to get going, as Chelsea have Robben and Carvalho injured.

Starting lineups:




Del Horno


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