Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Javier Mascherano

Javier Mascherano is one of the finest Argentine players to appear in many years.

His club team in Brazil, Corinthians, rate him so highly that he has an 85m pound buyout clause In his contract.

Why? He’s a 21 year old who’s competence is astonishing. You don’t want him for a moment and think ‘that kids lost’, you think ‘whoa, that kid's dictating the play'. Mascherano can pass, tackle, move without the ball and holds the midfield like nobody’s business.

After his Messi-like climb through the youth sides, Mascherano cemented his place at last year's Copa America in Peru. He was voted the player of the tournament by his team.

After Carlos Tevez and Sebastian Dominguez, he is the third Argentine player to join Corinthians this year. Mascherano cost Corinthians only 8m pounds from Argentine giants River Plate. He’s among the top earners in Brazil.

Mascherano garnered interest in his first major international tournament when he was an under-17 in 2001. Now, more mature, his qualities have placed heavy Argentine expectations on ‘Jefecito’, or ‘little chief’ since his first full international debut in 2003.

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Blogger Cathal Breathnach said...

Mascherano is a quality player and I for one would love to see him play in Europe.

8/24/2005 7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fred plays for Cruzeiro.

8/24/2005 9:44 PM  
Anonymous tony said...

Javier Mascherano - an ideal replacement for Roy Keane.

Mascherano's composure and comfort on the ball shows great maturity. When he doesn't have the ball, he works hard to get it back. When he has the ball, he keeps it simple and doesn't give it away.

He is strong in the tackle, an adept passer with both feet, and not short of a yard pace - but Mascherano is more than just a competent midfielder.

For his age, he is an exceptional reader of the game with an uncanny ability to see where the ball is going before playmakers can even execute the pass.

Combine this with his lightning reaction speed to loose/stray balls and an amazing ability to find space in the most compact area of the field - Mascherano has all the necessary characteristics to become a world class defensive midfielder.

Already on the wanted list for many European giants, an impressive performance at Germany 2006 could hasten his imminent arrival on the European stage, but only for a hefty transfer fee.

5/17/2006 12:29 PM  

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