Friday, August 26, 2005

The magic of those United

'Football is pricier, more uncompetitive and less atmospheric than ever. So why do supporters still lap it up'

Sean Ingle writes an excellent article, 'Football fans are idots' which is worth a read.

The hush of 6 points has washed over Old Trafford and will cement the fact that the Glazers, and others like them, are right.

If you win they will shut up, like at Manchester United. Thank Mount Glazer that you have Cristiano Ronaldo because Manchester United didn't look like scoring until he was brought on against Aston Villa. You fans used to have shares which had some value, now, you have zilch.

It's irrational. If big clubs win fans will not only shut up, but they will even pay your debts for you. Tomorrow, go pay some strangers credit card bill because to your bank accounts it is the same bottom line. Now who would do that? Then why pay Glazer's debts? But go on, stuff the pockets of an already rich man who is doing nothing more than facilitating your fantasies of glory, a fundamentally irrational pursuit.

It’s a fantasy. You support that club and win something, you feel like you were part of it. You were, on a 1/50,0000th level in the stadium, ya, your support helped a little but you paid thru the nostrils for it, buddy.

And if you big club wins they will not only shut up but they will even pay to finance your debts. Tomorrow, pay some stranger's credit card bill for them. To your bank accounts it is the same bottom line. Now who would do that? But go on, stuff the pockets of an already rich man who is doing nothing more than facilitating a fantasy of being linked with Manchester United bringing glory into your lives.

Women do the same thing. They look at those models on the runway and buy the clothes. They are the model, the designer, and lap up the Gucci like it means something.

The link here is a bigger fantasy in the world that has more than enough go-rounders to keep it alive. The music industry is one, the gambling industry, evangelists, you name it. Look close and the parasites are everywhere, all taking their nip at your quest for that goal.

Trophies go in cabinets, players into retirement or other clubs, managers’ change and the front office becomes heavier like the one at Manchester United. Oh, I forgot. You don’t care and are willing to pay.

Is this what your price of glory is? Glory, the fantasy of ancient Rome and so many places like it, still alive today.

Let me put it to you this way: when that club you’ve supported all you life wins another big one, you know, the Premiership or the Champions League or something, you will pay more money to be part of it. The club has gained in wealth, but you pay more?

That’s magic!

When other business, like oil companies, are having a boon like they are now, hey, they give their fat-cat shareholders a dividend –a payback for supporting the stock.

And you? You get nothing back except a bigger price tag for next season’s jersey. The 2 horse jockey's that sold out are paid, but not you.

Let me ask you how it’s possible the fans at Real Madrid can pay 200 pounds a year for a season ticket?

That’s the price for a handful of games against a mid-table club in the Premiership. Why? They have a say in the club and until that changes in the places that supporters are being exploited, the robbery won’t change. Step outside of the fantasy with your club and look at how you are being taken for a ride.

Have fun with football, enjoy your clubs, play, whatever, but be rational about it, Manchester United is owned by someone else now. When you are getting the screws turned on your wallet, push back and complain regardless of how many points you score. Or maybe support United once Glazer pays his American Express bill, because you are only United right now in pitching in to cover it.
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