Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Vasco dreaming

Remember Romario?

He’s still playing, believe it or not, going on 40. He’s been back in Brazil for years after stints at a number of European clubs in his prime.

It not so much his age. 40 is not unheard of, age 50 is unheard of and if Romario were to play until that age, his behavior would remain just as unheard of.

Romario was never noted for his smarts. This is the man which had a Mario Zagallo (former Brazil coach) caricature painted on the toilet door of a Rio de Janeiro nightclub he owned. Zagallo was sitting on the toilet seat, with former Brazilian international Zico next to him holding the roll of toilet paper.

Now that’s macho, isn’t it?

Well, guess what, he did the same thing to his teammate Edmundo (pictured left, a real piece of work in his own right, apparently once got a rented chimpanzee drunk at his kids birthday); by making a caricature of him on a different toilet door in the same night club.

We’ve gone from macho to what?

By the way: the club that this toilet door incident happened at is Vasco da Gama.

Playing at age 40, Vasco da Gama's new coach Renato Portaluppi has brought back Romario.
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