Sunday, July 17, 2005

Everton may finally land player

After weeks of rejections and low offers, it appears that Everton may strike gold in Andy Johnson.

The newly capped England international is anxious to stay in the Premiership after Crystal Palace was relegated last season in a thrilling final day of the season. So anxious that the striker had a meeting with coach Ian Dowie to announce he wants to go. Didn't go so hot.

The competition this time comes from Tottenham.

Liverpool swooped former Valencia player Mohammed Sissoko from Everton after it became public they were negotiating for him. Liverpool quickly raised the offer from 5 million euros to 8 million. Coach David Moyes was left with that distinctive look he gets when Everton give up a goal.

If I were Everton I would stop dancing around it and put down the cash for Andy Johnson. He’s motivated to stay up for a chance at the England World Cup 2006 squad and shouldn’t give any problems on personal terms. And there is Champions League football, too.

Tottenham had an 8 million euro bid for Johnson laughed off. It could reasonably take double that (or 10 million pounds).
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