Saturday, July 16, 2005

Morte means death, as in relegation for Fulham

Boa Morte, translated literally means ‘good death’ from the player’s native Portuguese.

Luis Boa Morte leaving would certainly be the death blow for Fulham.

Earlier this summer goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar left the club for Manchester United, a move that already leaves Fulham in a precarious position. Having done very little in the transfer market the club can little afford to lose any more talent.

Having Luis Boa Morte follow suit would be enough to place Fulham in the bottom four. I’ve wanted to follow up my top 10 with a bottom 10 and was waiting to see if this move took place. If it did, it means bottom 4 for Fulham, for sure.

They have lost their best player at the back and now their best player up front? Not good. Scoring 44 points last season with a -8 goal difference? Hmmm. Simple math:

Lose goalkeeper = more goals against

Lose attacker = fewer goals for

Total = relegation

Manager Chris Coleman is upset about the approach and wants a speedy resolution telling Newcastle they have a week.

“Newcastle are bidding 3 million. You won't even get his boots for that.”

Fulham are correct on that front. They are asking 5 million pounds which is a good price compared to 20 million for Shaun Wright Phillips.

In fact, it’s a very good price for a veteran Premiership player with a work rate like Luis Boa Morte's.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Boa Morte is "good death", then did you know that Charlton have taken a "Mr Death" on loan? Smert(in) means death in Russian!

7/17/2005 2:23 PM  

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