Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The English Patient

If he ever played, he’d be “England international defender Jonathan Woodgate”.

Now, the Real Madrid player has injured his hamstring again in training and is currently traveling to America and Finland for a fresh pair of eyes.

Jonathan Woodgate is football’s version of NBA player Grant Hill. Hill missed about 3 seasons with ankle problems and is in constant threat of it happening again. He's never kicked a ball for Madrid.

Real Madrid paid 14m pounds from Newcastle last summer who acquired the player from Leeds United. Reportedly it even happened while training with the medical staff.

Initially Real Madrid tried to deny it, but it’s a bit hard to deny when your player has to leave the team in Asia to seek treatment. More than often these stories end badly, so I hope Woodgate can sort this out.

If he can’t, don’t make it like watching the movie "The English Patient" made by a director doesn't know when to end a film.

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