Saturday, June 11, 2005

Player finally comments about Glazer and Manchester United

The BBC quotes Gabriel Heinze:

"The truth is I still don't know what the new owner's intentions are"


"The players certainly haven't felt isolated from the demonstrations. They make sense because the fans feel a special affection for United."

Its clear Heinze is expressing what is probably obvious within the majority of the player ranks: this deal has affected them, and they, like all of us like stability for our futures.

It has not been a topic of media speculation, but Heinze has confirmed my suspicions, and that is the Glazer deal will have an adverse affect on the team's play.

Let’s make it simple:

Which Man U would you want prefer to play for? The one of a few months ago, free of debts, or the one of today? The one that lost the FA Cup.
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