Thursday, June 09, 2005

Luis Figo must have phone ringing off hook

Wanderly Luxemburgo/Real Madrid are making the same old mistakes of letting their ‘old’ players go, instead of appreciating their contributions, rejuvenation, style and fine representation of the team in public.

Instead Real Madrid plan to continue with Ronaldo, coach favorite. Luxemburgo's dominant coaching style simply doesn't work and to choose it (in a world full of great coaching prospects) over #10 is indeed a mistake.

It’s still ridiculous that the coach would bench a player in great form. It’s a non issue if there was bad form involved. So what does it say about the Figo of 2005 which at the Euro was told by the BBC interviewer “You’re a star Luis” and has been wily and willing to play thru his years, and whose cross against Estonia just yesterday proved the difference in a 1-0 win.

Real Madrid have often made bad decisions. If you recall, Figo was the first player to start the “Galactico” years. More and more its Malcom Glazer and no appreciation for a players contribution.

Arsenal play Bergkamp folks.

So, an era is over, and the most coveted #10 shirt in the (club football) world is up for sale.
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