Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kaladze thinks Chelsea may swoop, may be right

AC Milan’s Georgian international Kakha Kaladze has boasted that he is days away from a Chelsea move.

Since he’s free on Bosman in a few months, AC Milan stand to lose considerably. So its sell or sign time.

The key here is Hernan Crespo, as Milan are keen to secure him. If Mourinho is really keen for the Georgian, it’s a workable deal. And I think a good one for Chelsea. Milan get a bit of a, you know, touch light on the effort, niggle injury, crybaby sorta player. He can score, but doesn’t seem to do the locker room much good.

Kaladze is a workhorse extraordinaire. Just the kind of player Mourinho likes. And hes a really good player. He’s reliable, durable, sensible and unselfish.
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