Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ashley Cole demands triple salary from Arsenal

So Ashley Cole would like to get a transfer it seems. It’s clear thru Arsenal’s history that they are not willing to splash out the kind of money he requests, therefore it should be clear what he really wants: out.

Cole, a product of Arsenal’s youth system, is not indispensable. If you look at all the great players on that Arsenal squad, and the fact that they can buy quality at that spot, says that it is time to let Cole leave. As a person, he may also want something different, he has been at Arsenal longer than most players stay at a club.
Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has revealed Ashley Cole wanted to see his salary tripled as a condition of staying at Highbury.
"If you take someone like Ashley Cole, he has another two years to go," Hill-Wood told the Evening Standard. "He wanted something like three times what we are paying him. We said we can't do that."
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