Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mismanagement at Newcastle sees yet another exit

Newcastle United did not take the option on a second year for striker Patrick Kluivert. The club may be the ones not taking up the option, but it’s their fault he wasn’t what they wanted.

They didn’t play Patrick Kluivert, and that is Newcastle’s fault. Newcastle played Craig Bellamy, Laurent Robert, and a variety of other troublemakers instead of a classy and unselfish striker.

Newcastle didn’t give a good quality player (a Bergkamp like player) a chance to adapt to a new league.

He’s stated he plans to return to Spain. I very rarely am an apologist for a player, but this time Newcastle is wrong and I suspect you’ll see Kluivert do quite well again upon returning to Spain.


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Anonymous eric newton said...

Kluivert is not in the same class as Bergkamp.

He is a lazy overwight wananabee who at 28 should at the peak of his game and not wandering about the Premier League looking like a blimp who clearly can't be bothered to put himself about for club or country.

Newcastle supporters can size up talent quicker than most and he had a chance to be another legendary striker in the Shearer, MacDonald Milburn mould. Pity he couldn't be bothered.Players like him are what is killing this game.

5/18/2005 7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He didn't playunder Sourness because he never gave one second of commitment to the black and white shirt. Instead he practised his Barry White lookalike routine for when his playing days are over ( so a few more months judging by the performances we've seen from him) He piled on the pounds and pulled off with my pounds. Possibly the worst player for Newcastle this season

5/18/2005 8:40 PM  
Anonymous bibble said...

Football Commentator is just plain wrong on this one. I wanted him at NUFC but am just as happy happy to see him go. Fat Pat has been unavailable thru "injury" at least 5 times this season. He has undoubted skill, but appears to only be committed to padding himself and his wallet. He blew it.

5/18/2005 9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric Newton's comments are spot on.

There is a stunning precedent for what happened to Kluivert on Tyneside, and that is his woeful application and lack of hunger at Catalan giants Barcelona.

If it is true that a man reserves his best efforts for the pinnacle of his career, and a man should wish to elevate himself above his peers should he be given opportunity, then it underlines the supine character and weaknesses of Patrick Kluivert the man, not the footballer. He was given the chance to become a legend. He took that chance and stuck it up his ****.

There is no doubt he is a brilliant player.

However we United fans saw him more times on the Quayside than even in training, let alone on the pitch.

I believe the original post in this thread lacks substance with regards to the assertion that this is Newcastle United's fault.

I believe that the truth is, he was after our money.

And I suspect, unlike our original poster, we will see nothing but the same when he returns to Spain.

5/18/2005 9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Patrick Kluivert had been given the chance to play as the lead striker, which I believe was promised him before he came to Newcastle I think he would have done much better. Service from the wingers (why did we sell Solano for 1.5?) has been appalling and whilst I respect Shearer as much as anyone, He has not had a classic season either. It is a crying shame PK was not given more of a chance at Newcastle, regardless of whether we witnessed it or not, he is the most gifted player to ever wear the black and white shirt.

5/19/2005 7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, that would be Tino!!!

5/19/2005 8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're very very wrong, either you're trying to drum up hits on the site or you've hardly seen any Newcastle games this season. Kliuvert is probably one of the most talented players we've ever signed but he just couldn't be bothered its as simple as that and its an insult to Bergkamp to compare him.

5/19/2005 7:33 PM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...

I only compared Kluivert to Bergkamp because they both have good vision, good feet, and are unselfish players.

I think Bergkamp should have been world player of the year at least once. I dont think that about Kluivert.

What I was doing was comparing styles, and with style, they are definitely similar players. If you'd seen him at Barca, you'd agree

5/19/2005 8:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If you'd seen him at Barca, you'd agree"

I saw him plenty of times for Barcelona.

And, I disagree. Bergkamp may have the same tricks on the deck as Kluivert, but Bergkamp won't run the channels and certainly won't poach.

I still do not think you have justified your reasons for blaming Newcastle United for this sorry affair.

It sounds like you don't really know what you're talking about to be honest.

5/21/2005 6:53 PM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...

"It sounds like you don't really know what you're talking about to be honest."

Well, its warming up in here isnt it?

I will clearly state my reasons for blaming NCU for Kluivert's exit:

He was never given a chance. Most big purchases get some starts dont they? P K did not.

The club kept on a manager (Robson) who was unwilling to control the team, players ruled, C Bellamy played.

The atmosphere at the club was toxic for large parts of the season, this stuff happens less frequently at other clubs, in my opinion. And the tone is set at the top. At NCU is was player rule for a while.

A loan was not negotiated during the transfer window. The feelings were already there at that point, why not do something?

The new manager did little to improve the situation.

I think the focus here is also too much on the players attributes and my point was more to call out the management at Newcastle which continues to spash out on signings that cause trouble or dont pan out. Its a question of their being too many mistakes at the club.

5/21/2005 7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, my intention was not to 'warm things up'. Rather, my post was intended as a riposte to what I consider stupid comments.

I really do consider that you do not know what you are talking about, that is my view, not an attack on you my friend.

So, in the interests of impressionable readers, may I point out that while you claim Kluivert was given a chance, Newcastle gave him 14 starts in the Premiership.

May I also point out he appeared from the subs bench on 10 occasions.

24 opportunities out of 38, in a season riddled with injury after injury, would be termed in the most conservative fashion as a healthy chance. When Kluivert was available but unused, one must look at the context - was it really bad management? I would say in all likelihood - no, and here's why.

If a player of Kluivert's pedigree was unable to dislodge Shola Ameobi, then questions would have been asked in the media of the management at Newcastle United.

Alas, they were not. Infact, the questioning amongst hacks was of his character.

I would like to point out that I do agree with your views on Newcastle appearing to have a bad track record in player discipline in recent seasons.

I also agree wholeheartedly with your assessment that the atmosphere at the club has obviously not been condusive to progress.

However I feel you have blurred a line here and perhaps exaggerated the plight of the club when in reality it has been more or less taken to the cleaners by a footballing mercenary who has seen it, done it, and banked the cheque.

5/22/2005 12:34 AM  
Blogger Football Commentator said...

Fair enough, some of your points are reasonable.

But of the chances PK got (I saw about 12 or 13), to me, he looked a player who knew he had no real chance. Players, while not willing to admit it in the media, sometimes within days know 'whoa, this is not going to work'. I think that happened here.

And of all the starts you mention, many were because of other players being injured, etc. A player knows the difference between an 'fill in' start and a start because the manager gives you the confidence, so his chance was pretty half heared you must admit.

Anyway, I'd suggest the point of disagreement is slim.

As I see it we both see problems with the clubs management, albeit to different degrees.

5/22/2005 6:40 AM  

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