Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Arsenal dismantle Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace coach Ian Dowie is ruing the clubs decision not to invest in their Premiership survival by acquiring players in the recent transfer window.

Last night Arsenal was dominant for 90 minutes. The game ended 5-1 but it could have easily been 8-1; 8-0 had Patrick Viera not stuck a leg out in the box.

During the game, Robert Pires hit the post, Thierry Henry had 2 shots whiz past the post and so did Jose Reyes.

Reyes got his first goal in 13 matches, bitten by the tasteless joked played on him during the week, he looked great in response. His running was decisive, quick and he looked in step with the team.

Henry, who I thought should have won world player of the year, was amazing. There was nobody Crystal Palace could throw at him to keep step. Arsenal is also gifted to have Dennis Bergkamp, who at 35 looks ageless.

As for Palace, what can you say? This was a game that demonstrated the stature gap which is by all the looks of it, wide as ever.
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