Sunday, January 30, 2005

Italy may be first to use artificial pitches

Some Serie A matches could be played on synthetic pitches as early as next season now that UEFA has approved their use.

UEFA's decision to lift its ban came after two years of testing in the colder climates of Holland, Russia, Scotland, Austria and Sweden. Tests showed that the surfaces were a vast improvement on the early 'plastic' pitches of the 1980s.

My question still is:

Historically synthetic pitches caused more injury, what about that? The NFL, American football’s professional league, had increased injuries when synthetic pitches came into use. The cause was often feet catching on the turf.

With claims that the synthetic alternatives are very close to the real thing, it would be logical that the “grabbing” effects (which causes injury) of past artificial pitches is also minimized.
To date, I have not heard any comment about the impact on players, so lets hope so.

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