Thursday, January 27, 2005

On referees

Since we started calling it ‘modern football’, one of the things that has changed is the speed of play. This means the speed of the ball and the players as well as a decrease in their reaction time. This adds up to closer calls.

Maybe its time to admit a single referee may not being enough anymore?

If things are happening faster then the referee has less time to be in a good position. Over the course of almost every football match there are obvious mistakes. Flops, out of bounds decisions, the goal like, penalty decisions and injury fakes: these bad calls happen all the time.
In American professional sports leagues there are more referees, in the NBA, there are 3 officials on a 30+ meter court. I have watched enough NBA ball to know they are right more often than football referees and they make considerably more calls.

This article is not a slap at bad refereeing, the opposite. From the distances the referees are at, it’s very hard to get it right much more often than they do now. That is why I think more help is the solution, managers are whining about it constantly, let's get back to talking football and not bad decisions.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great idea. I hadn't thought about the NBA parallel, but you're absolutely right. Two referees would completely change the dynamic. I like it.


1/28/2005 1:30 AM  

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