Friday, January 28, 2005

Hidetoshi Nakata remains a mystery

After becoming something of a revelation at the 1998 World Cup (joining Italian club Perugia afterwards) Hidetoshi Nakata has become a mystery.

The 2002 World Cup was not as successful in 2002 as 1998. He Parma after a series of fallouts with managers for Roma, then Bologna and now plays with Fiorentina. No great news of fine form has emerged there.

At 28 Nakata has had an up and down career. I’ve kept tabs since that 98 cup and feel there are still questions unanswered.

It’s my impression that Italy was never the best place for him to play. His style clashes with the Italian game, and while it had an edge when he was new, it wore away, don’t know why. In a more open series he could have resurgence. The talent exists, no doubt. He would be a great replacement for Deco at Porto, would make a positive impact at Celtic, Paris Saint Germain where Pauleta needs balls fed in, and Borussia Dortmund for unsettled Tomas Rosicky, even replace Gravesen at Everton.
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