Sunday, September 02, 2007

This is why you don't sit back up 2 goals

I’ve seen many one sided matches end in 0-0 or 1-1 draws, but rarely if ever this one sided ending in 3-3. Tottenham snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and gifted Fulham a point in a match that they had no business being in.

Fulham have to thank Diomansy Kamara who scored a spectacular equalizer on 90 minutes to grab the draw against Tottenham. How, up 3-1, this could happen comes down to one thing: playing not to lose.

Tottenham took the lead early through a Younes Kaboul tap in. Dimitar Berbatov added a second shortly after a sweet strike after breaking free on the right. But Clint Dempsey pulled a goal back for Fulham with a great header but regardless Tottenham were cruising. Gareth Bale put them 2 goals ahead again when he passed the ball past Neimi’s near post. But then Smertin got a lucky deflection over Tottehnam keeper Paul Robinson and Tottenham were under pressure again. Kamara’s excellent goal was not a surprise.

Tottenhnam had decided to sit back in midfield shortly before Smertin’s goal. I’d blame Jenas and Huddlestone for this. Every time the ball went forward late on they stranded the advanced players forcing longer passes and lost causes. In fact, the back 4 for Tottenham played quite well. None of the goals were leaked directly from the defenders and they were responsible for scoring 2 of Tottenham’s goals.

Martin Jol substituted Robbie Keane for Jermaine Defoe to keep pressure on the Fulham defense and the team didn’t respond. The midfielders had so many chances to score, as well as the forwards. For all the excellent movement up front how can you pass up opportunities one v one against the keeper and square the ball to walk the ball into the net?? It happened at least 4 times, Jenas was responsible for 2 of them.

This is why you don't sit back up 2 goals, why would you when you have the kind of control Tottenham did. Did you see Liverpool do that yesterday? No. Up 2 goals you go sniffing for more because if you make a mistake you have a cushion and more often than not you find another.

Tottenham should have scored 5 goals putting lapses in concentration or mistakes beyond Fulham’s capacity to score goals; they didn’t, leaving the punditry to continue questioning a good manager who put on a striker to keep the pressure on Fulham. His midfield didn't respond. That's where I'd make changes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sure, we should have scored more. But the real problem was sitting back in the last 15-20 minutes (same like Sunderland) - and for that the blame lays largely with Jol.

9/02/2007 3:29 PM  
Anonymous roy said...

And I suppose it was Jol who missed the numerous easy chances. of course not it was the men on the field He chose the right team and they created but it wasn't Jol who was profligate.Keane hasn't put the ball in the net in five games this season so it made sense to give Defoe a chance.

9/02/2007 3:39 PM  
Blogger Marc said...

Was it the players that took off an attacking midfielder and replaced him with a defender?

No it was Jol. He decided that we should sit back and defend. His negative attitude cost us points AGAIN.

9/02/2007 4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We were cruising at 3-1, we were cruising up until the substitution of Defoe for Keane.
I dont believe giving a player a go, when the team as a whole is playing well is a good reason, as although it was attacker for attacker, both fulfil different roles in the team.

With Keane on we looked like we would score again, he dropped deep, while Berbatov played further forward, holding ball well when it came to him.
With Defoe on, Defoe was pushed further forward, Berbatov dropped back and was not able to influence the game as before.
With Robinson, stupidly pumping long kicks over Defoes head, leaving Defoe nothing to do except chase, the ball kept coming back.
Although I do agree with the points that the midfield were lacking, and didnt have the bite or willingness to keep pushing, and did leave the attack left isolated when we did have a chance to leave our half.
I want Jol to stay, he picked the right starting team, but up until his changes we were not going to lose or draw that game.
The blame lies with Jol for the changes which led are team to change how we were playing, but also with some of the players, whose effort seemed to drop as the game went on, and we stupidly again sat back.
Hopefully the team are up for putting things right at the lane against the gooners. COYS

9/02/2007 4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Replace Robinson in next match. He is not sharp and always caught out off position on so many matches lately. You can always see that opposition team is all too trigger happy shooting from long range knowing that by a good chance he will be beaten. Defoe will not be much help cos'if you have Robinson pumping all the long ball from the goal forward and with I would like to prefer Keane or Bent for that matter. Looks like the last 2 season problem still haunt the team by conceeding goals eventhough the team is leading. It is so frustrating...Malaysian Fan. "Merdeka"

9/02/2007 5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am now simply convinced that Spurs need a new approach. So talented but yet so poorly managed. No reason to ever...ever sit back when on a lead. Go for the throat please go for the throat. This has happened all too many times the last three seasons and Jol is to blame. And now Kanoute coming out and saying that training was boring? Well no crap. Look at Jol anytime during any match. No expressions or emotions. Always looking like he's sitting in class during a lecture. Please get Klinsmann or someone else who can utilize our potential. One good thing came out of this game. Looks like we have our answer on the left with Bale and Lee. Bale is such a fresh face at the Lane. Will someone tell Jol that Keano would be perfect as an attacking midfielder with Berbs and either Bent/Defoe pairing up. Then you can keep everyone happy. COYS

9/02/2007 5:14 PM  
Anonymous Corrupted Mind said...

What a well written article. The Jol out brigade will continue their campaign no matter what, ditto for the Jol is God gang. The fact is that our two central midfielders failed us miserably yesterday, not by playing badly mind, but by shifting their emphasis in the last quarter of the game from attacking to defending. Jenas needs to hold up his hands and say I will push forward for 90 mins (in addition to I will wear my shooting boots on match days). Huddlestone needs to continue to push (although his fitness is still not the best). One final point of note, I think Defoe's form is suffering because his mind isn't entirely focussed on the game, also Jol brought on the defender in the last 85th mins (the kind of substitution every top club seems to do every week - especially away from home!!!)

9/02/2007 7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

None of the defenders directly responsible for Fulham goals? What about Chimbonda losing Dempsey for their first? May have been a lucky deflection for the second, but no-one closed Smertin down quickly enough. How Jol can say that the Keane/Defoe swap was like for like is beyond me - as someone else pointed out they are completely different entities.

9/02/2007 7:49 PM  
Anonymous TheUnforgettableFire said...

I agree. You don't stop attacking just because you're ahead by 2 goals. Jol decided to "defend the box," and it cost us the match. I would have put Zokora in for Steed, moved Jenas to the right, and continued the attack. I would not have taken Keane out, since he is very good at coming back into the midfield to gain possession (unlike Berbs and Defoe, who don't do this as well). The replacement of Steed with Dawson is a complete mystery to me. I can forgive platers missing chances and hitting posts. I prefer players taking chances than playing defensively. When you "defend the box" like that, you give the opposition too many chances, and eventually they will score.

It's simple. Jol made tactical changes that opened the door for Fulham.

The bigger problem here is that even if you fire Jol and the staff, who do you replace them with? Can we get a Champions League-caliber manager now?

9/02/2007 10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jol needs to go. Once again he mucked it up. It easy to blame the defence but can anyone tell me how many tackles were won in the center of the midfield. Jenas and Hudds combined must be the worst pair matched up in the premier league. Our best tackler sits on the bench and he is our quickest by far, yet he sits on the bench. For any dumbarse who doesnt know who i am refering to it is ZAKORA. Furthermore I cannot believe we have extended Jenas's contract, what the hell is going on, the bloke is absolute garbage. Jol must go, the guy is an abolute ediot with no clue on the game. Mr Levy do your job and be a man get rid of the useless twat, some of the best managers in the world are available, go and get them please!!!!!!

9/02/2007 11:14 PM  
Anonymous JJ is not worth it said...

Thank you to our 5 years contract man JJ for dont know how to shoot...I blame this draw on him...

9/03/2007 1:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROY 3.39pm

It's the fu**wits like you that are holding us back you C**T.

YES it was Jol that got them to sit back on the edge of there own box...YES it was Jol that changed the team and played 3 centre halfs....

Don't believe me then belive your God Jol...his comment." You have to defend a 2 goal lead"...Wanker...attack...look at liverpool!..you ever see the Arse and Wenger take those tactics....he proved last year he was tactically naive...he never learns. He did the same two or three times last year and F**ked up!

Piss him off!...NOW!!!!!!!

9/03/2007 1:57 AM  

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