Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chelsea lose manager, and it was not by mutual consent

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has shocked us all by quitting as manager of Chelsea, the team which he’d let to 2 Premiership titles and seemed to all but own in his time there. The press releases claim mutual consent but that’s just a lie.

Apparently the club held a crisis meeting to discuss the indifferent start to the new season. That’s the line anyway.

The truth is that the relationship with owner Roman Abramovich was too overbearing, lack of funds he was receiving to recruit new players too little (complaining that his squad were like eggs bough from a cheaper supermarket), interference with his job too much, and lastly a reported row with captain John Terry before and after their Champions League tie with Rosenborg.

The rumored row with Terry took place after Mourinho inquired with the medical staff if there was something physically wrong with Terry to explain his form. Apparently this pissed the England captain off and heated exchanges took place. Dunno.

A second wave of rumors insist that he was dismissed, but I don’t believe it. The club are playing Russian style politics to try and save face at losing the best manager in the world.
Mourinho, even from his time in Portugal, has never tolerated interference and would not at Chelsea. The owner’s style was much too involved for his liking and over time the inevitable took place. I thought to myself it might have been better if Mourinho would quit because I didn’t see the club having a great season and it started out as lackluster as I expected.

To get the best from Mourinho you just have to leave him alone. Chelsea couldn’t and have lost out because of it.

To me, the club certainly risk becoming a laughing stock, or an embarrassment of riches riding high on the wave of mediocrity. With a crucial game against Manchester United coming, it could begin there.

Chelsea have named new-boy Avram Grant who has massive shoes to fill and has already established himself as the owners boy. He’ll play who he is told to play and be an all around lackey to the dominant owner who he’s probably been a mole for since he arrived.

Personally, I will miss Mourinho’s character and unpredictability. My prediction is a wayward season as the club will be managed on the pitch from way-on-high and will suffer because of it as did Real Madrid when they tried the same tactic. Chelsea are becoming Chelski every day.

So, can the Mourinho to Tottenham rumor start here?



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Anonymous Jose said...

Go take a piss on yourself Roman you Stalinist owner of my dear club! Pushed out the best thing that ever happened to Chelsea apart from Tore Andre Flo :-)

9/20/2007 10:55 AM  
Anonymous RICHARD CHARMAN said...

I have been a Chelsea fan since childhood more decades ago than I care to recall.

I was a fan when Chelsea opitimised the swinging sixties. They had style, they had skill and they had swagger and a cavalier attitude to the beautiful game. In reality that is how they played until 'The Special One' arrived.

Season after season they had lacked the collective discipline and a desire necessary to win. Chelsea in those days were serial under achievers. But they were great fun and we loved them for it. If Roman had been around then - he would have enjoyed the style but had a heart attack at the inability to win consistently - often undermined by the cavalier attitude to defending.

Yes we won the odd trophy and we began to believe we could win, or at least we thought we could until the next banana skin in the form of some third rate third division side put us firmly in our place.

Jose made us winners, with the desire to win, with the system to win, the mentality and the heart to win.

Money doesn't buy that - anyone can spend millions on players, but few have the ability to cereate winners. Jose is one. He is priceless. Any club that gets him is lucky. His going is every Chelsea fans loss - and probably Roman will come to see it was his loss too.

I would like to thank Roman sincerely for trying to make his dream and that of every Chesea fan come true - Chelsea the leading club not just in England and Europe, but the World.

I fear Chelsea will not be the same again - unless the Special One returns as manager under a new regime. I hope I am wrong and that Roman has got it right, but i doubt it.

Jose had his flaws but we loved him for them as much as his skills.

But we loved him most of all because he is the first truely great manager ever to have graced the management team at Chelsea.

Make no mistake his place is already written in Chelsea's history books and in every fans mind. Roman for all his money has yet to win over the public and he's just made a rod for his own back. Avram Grant ahd better have broad shoulders.

I assume like every Chelsea fan that he is going to do what was expected of the Special One - win two European Champions League titles in the next 6 years.

After all if we can dispense with the Special One, his replacement has got to face at least the same level of expectation.

I did my nut that night that Ranieri stuffed us with his tactical substitutions in the European Champions League, yet until then I had held him in respect and regretted the way he was dispensed with. I was similarly disappointed when Gianluca Vialli left.

9/21/2007 9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the best manager in the world??? doubt that very much! he's good, top 10 at least but as for the best? not even close

9/28/2007 2:08 AM  

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