Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mauro German Camoranesi

(I forgot to publish this one after the game :-)

Juventus is out of the Champions League, but it isn’t because of Mauro Camoranesi.

The Argentinian played some fantastic football, often the only player in midfield that attacked with any conviction, and frankly, success.

His play reminds me very much of fellow countryman Javier Zanetti with winding runs from the edges of the midline towards the goal. Camoranesi often creates good opportunities in these runs, when his teammate’s key in that is. His energy goes on and on and intentions are good, but I sense he often goes out of step with the game and annoys his teammates in the process.

To me though, he was Juventus’s only stand out performer. The team seems stale with Del Piero and doesn’t have enough around Nedved to get their point across as Fabio Capello’s tactics are rather negative.

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