Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Liverpool and Everton battle for the last Champions League spot

Of course we won’t forget Bolton Wanderers since they have a realistic chance to get in. In fact I’ll start with Bolton and then get to the point. Bolton has improved dramatically, and I think Sam Allardyce has been magnificent not only in his coaching but his willingness to take on difficult or out of form players. He represents what is great about the Premiership.

Liverpool continues to disappoint, yet merit sympathy. It’s got all the talent it needs: Cisse, Gerrard, Alonso, Morientes and Luis Garcia. Liverpool merit sympathy when you count the number of games that group has played together:


Everton haven’t been the same team since the departure and neither have Real Madrid since Gravesen arrived there in the transfer window.

You can imagine where that is heading given Gravesen’s excellent form. He’s melted right into a Madrid side that has desperately missed Claude Makelele. Everton have struggled to maintain the place and are four points ahead. I just don’t see them maintaining the lead. Not after Liverpool just beat them.


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Blogger Titan said...

I've been no fan of Liverpool, and even less enamored of Everton's negativity, so I'd very much like to see someone else, say Bolton, claim that valuable fourth spot. But then I think of El Hadj Diouf's swan dives and I'm sick.

I think Bolton might sneak by. Everton's been on a decline for some time and their remaining fixture list is the most challenging of the three. Liverpool also has a challenging fixture list, not to mention the distraction of the Champions League as well.

I think I like Bolton.


4/16/2005 1:38 AM  

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