Saturday, February 05, 2005

Fans paid for 90 minutes but got 45 instead

Arsenal’s game against Aston Villa today had the potential to be a great 90 minutes but was a letdown as the Gunners emerged listless after the break.

Aston Villa’s own problems were clearly on display which didn’t make the match any easier to watch in the second half.

Arsenal, in the first 45 minutes were priceless. All three goals were taken with class and it could have realistically been 5-0 at the break, they were that dominant.

On another note, Arsenal may have discovered a potential solution to some of their defensive woes and it came in the form of Philippe Senderos, who at 19 showed great composure in central defense. He looked willing to work and had precise timing in the tackle, understandable since he’s Swiss. Also of note, Cesc Fabregas came on late and was played out wide where he has not played before for Arsenal. Interesting to see if that happens again.


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Blogger Titan said...

I thought going with Edu instead of Flamini was a great move by Wenger. I've been wondering why he hadn't done it sooner. Arsenal needs more strength in the midfield, and while Flaimini is a talent, he doesn't have Edu's experience. A match is won or lost in the midfield, and Edu and Viera won it for Arsenal today.

2/05/2005 11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Edu shouldn't be wearing an Arsenal shirt ever again. Villa were complete crap and made him look good - Flamini is infinitely better in a fight and must be disgusted to lose his place.

Vieira should be playing Centre half and Flamini and Cesc are the future Arsenal centre midfield.

2/06/2005 6:11 AM  

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