Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Jean Carlos Chera: Brazilian 9 year old story still growing

Blogsoccerblog re-visits the fascinating story about the Jean Carlos Chera, also called “Anderson” in this well written summary of events:

Another repost due to the high demand (original appeared January 26):

reports that Porto and Manchester United are chasing Jean Carlos Chera, a Brazilian nine-year-old. You read that right: a nine-year-old! In addition to signing the child, the clubs also intend to settle his family in Europe.

The child's talent came to light after Clarín, an Argentinian newspaper, got hold of a video showing the younger, smaller Chera in competition against children four years older than he.

Soccerway.com has a link to the video, but the Argentinian newspaper has warned that it will remove the link soon to prevent a site crash. I have seen the video and there is no doubt that the child is impressive. He has a great first touch and impressive ball-handling skills, but really, do we want to shove a nine-year-old into the footballer meatmarket? The video can be found

This blog has written about the same story here:

Jean Carlos Chera: Brazilian 9 year old is truly a prodigy

European clubs target 9 year old


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check the other video - 23 minutes and 24 seconds long. You can watch his other games, great moves, scoring abilities, incredible passing, interview etc. Go here to find out how to download it...

2/06/2005 4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

he is shite

3/02/2005 10:34 AM  

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