Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Everton to bid for pair

Everton are set to test the resolve of Middlesbrough for striker Yakubu in a surprise inquiry as well as lodging an 8m pound bid for Benfica midfielder Manuel Fernandes.

Now that Everton have sold James Beattie to Sheffield United where he also won’t score any goals, that are looking to sign someone that will. Premiership tested Yakubu should fit the bill, but you can be sure there will be much negotiation before a deal could be reached.

Moyes is expected to lodge a bid, which should start around 8m.

I think it would be ridiculous for Middlesbrough to sell Yakubu but rumors say that Southgate wants to firm up other areas of the team. What good is that when you can’t score goals and have already lost Mark Viduka to Newcastle?

Moyes at first balked at the 12m pound price tag slapped on Fernandes by Benfica, but signs are in Lisbon there may be no room for negotiation. In my opinion, Fernandes is top class and is good value at 12m, at 21, a great player with mountains of potential. After a successful loan period at Everton last season, he has proven his worth in England.

One showstopper is Manchester City’s apparent interest in Fernandes who have money to spend. Once again a manager holds out for a better price only to see a nouveau-riche club step in with cash.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There´s not a chance in hell of Everton taking him from us now. You had your chance, we wanted to sell him before, now he´s come back, settled right back in, and is our star midfielder. Selling him now would be terrible for us, we sold Simão for 20million€, we have money. Next time, take your chances when you "has" them :P

8/08/2007 6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having said that, this dirty lying mercenary of a player, has refused to go to concentration with the rest of the team, for the all-important champions league match we have tomorrow. This after having publicly said his mind was 100% on Benfica this season, about a week ago.
Good riddance, and I pity the club that gets this dishonest c&$#!
Poor Everton/whatever club...

8/13/2007 7:11 PM  

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