Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cyuyff’s two greatest goals

Former Ajax Amsterdam and Barcelona super-superstar Johan Cruyff scored some many amazing goals during his career that it’s almost impossible to choose.

I settled on what are my 2 favorites, one occurred earlier in his career when he was with Ajax and the second occurred when he was with Barcelona.

The first goal is incredibly clever and took place on January 2, 1972 against FC Den Haag; A long ball was headed away from Ajax’s defense and on the left wing. Cruyff noticed the defense was very high up the pitch and only 2 defenders back where he was standing. In one movement, Cruyff took the ball on the immediate hop and played it in front of the defender towards the goal. A burst of pace, and a piece of tape trailing on his hand saw him leave defender Cees Weimar at sea and all that was left was the goalkeeper.

Instead of dribbling towards goal and risking a bad touch or a challenge, Cruyff smashes the ball over the outstretched keeper and scores an amazing goal. Here is the video:

The second, and my personal favorite is one Cruyff scored for Barcelona. I don’t know the date but it was against Atletico Madrid. It’s an incredible moment of touch, precision, and all out genius. Cruyff took a cross in from the right and instead of heading it in, he decided to try for a kung-fu volley. A goal only Cruyff could score:



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ismael Urzaiz scored a goal exactly like this last season for Athletic Bilbao so how can only Cruyff score this goal?

7/26/2007 12:49 AM  

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